Terms & Conditions

Please check the details carefully before submitting your booking.

You will be asked to show your membership card when attending the centre.

1. Bookings can be made online for all centres up to 7 days in advance, by Leisure Card Holders and Beaumonts members. Please have your membership number available at the time of booking.
2. Bookings made be made online for 7 days in advance from 08.30am  Beaumonts™ members may book from 08.00am.
3. Leisure card holders and Beaumonts™ members may book up to 3 activites online per day.
4.Only one court or class per timeslot per member is permitted.  If you have used this alloction on online bookings you are not permitted to make further bookings by telephone or in person.
5. You can only book one successive court on any given day.  Eg.a badminton court at 7.00pm and again at 8.00pm is not permitted.
6. All persons booking an instructed class should ensure that they arrive in good time for the class, as the warm up is crucial to the participation in the full class. Entry to those arriving 5 minutes after a fitness class has commenced will be refused and no refunds will be given.
7. We recommend that Leisure Card holders book in advance as the Leisure Card cannot guarantee availability of an activity or facility operated by Hertsmere Leisure during busier periods.
8. A Leisure Card Holder may not book an activity on their card for somebody else, as the Leisure Card is not transferable.

1. Cancellation of court/classes booked via the internet cannot be cancelled online. If you find you cannot attend your booking, please phone the centre and inform us. If you give 48 hours notice or more, then no charge will be made. Please note that the times of all cancellations are recorded.
2. A representative of a Leisure Card Holder may cancel a booking on behalf of a Leisure Card Holder.
3. If you cannot give 48 hours notice, then please still inform the centre, and we will make every effort to re-let your booking. If we manage to do this, no charge will be made.
4. If less than 48 hours notice is given, and we fail to re-let the booking, or you fail to inform us of your non arrival, a charge will be made corresponding to the cost of the activity. This payment should be made within 14 days.
5. Should the payment not be made within 14 days, then Hertsmere Leisure reserves the right to send an invoice to the customer, which may include an administration fee of 3.00.
6. Should you have 2 or more outstanding bookings, or an outstanding balance remains unpaid for 28 days, Hertsmere Leisure reserves the right to suspend booking privileges until payment is made in full.We shall contact you should this situation arise. Please note that there is a 4 administration charge for lost cards.

Our reception staff can only help you avoid these charges if you help them, by letting them know of any cancellations.

Hertsmere Leisure is a registered charity. Charity registration no: 1093653